Tugas II Bahasa Inggris 2 – Free Essay

Her Present

My mother who were born in 1953, have turned 61 late in February this year. She is a Pisces because her birth date is 20th February. And this is actually her second birthday without our father who passed away in October 2012. Hence, my older brother warned me to graduate quickly,  so I don’t have to burden her anymore and that would be the best present I can give her — but not in the near future sadly. My sister told me to prepare some surprise for her.

My sister’s idea actually got me into thinking. Why don’t we go for a family vacation that served as a birthday present for her as well? I quickly told my sister about my sudden idea and she agreed even! So all of us her children arranged a trip to Bali and we took care of everything, start from the lodging to the schedule. We were all very happy because this is the first family trip we made since the last one in 2012.

We stepped our foot on Bali in 20th February, at night. To celebrate it immediately, we had dinner at Italian restaurant in Seminyak area. To my surprise, mother who usually save her tongue for Indonesian food, enjoyed the food at that time! It might be the place that made her day, because it was romantically designed with wooden furniture and tropical architecture — or the food itself, because it was delicious and inexpensive! Anyway, that night alone was already made her happy, so we can say our mission was accomplished.

In the next few days we had some troubles during our stay, but on the contrary, the trip was a super success! Because we managed to visit all the places that we want and tasted the famous local cuisine. We also had a great time enjoying few beaches there. It was a great family time and really glued us together. Cheers to my family!


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